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11/15/06 at 06:44:44
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Welcome to Trail cafe.

The intent of Trail cafe is to collect a library of trip reports for hiking, canoeing, Mtn biking, cross country skiing, etc.   The trip reports should be such that they allow others to deterine if they want to exprience in the same trip. Or just to enjoy the right up.

This board, is setup to collect suggestions for the website.   Other trip types for example.   Or key missing data in the trip reports that should be included.

The second intention is to provide insight into updates that have been made to the site.

1) we now have a trip generating script... It seems to work well now, but is being improved.
2) the library is online... some really old trips are up, and are out of format.
3) This forum is (being) setup now.  both to support the repository, and as a general use forum to help in getting out to the trials.

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