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Hello from Calgary
01/21/07 at 04:30:09
My name is Myrl.  Myrlin being an old nick name that I make use of on line.  Old posts show a long haired  youth... now some how a professional Engineer.

I'm of the weekend warrior type, trying to get out as much as possible, which is never enough.  Smiley   I started keeping logs of my trips for my self (it helps remember), and putting them on the web for friends and family.

At some point I made the mistake of deciding to try and make this a real web page for everyone. Who knew it would take so much time and effort    But if it can grow in to something worth while, it would be great.  Maybe Google will buy it for 1.6 billion.

So I'm Located in Calgary, and right now as I'm the only poster on the site, trails and info are Calgary based.  Hopefully as members join, and contribute, the site will cover more areas.

See you on the trails.

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Hello from Calgary
Reply #1 - 12/11/11 at 09:50:13
Ya we cant start a new thread Some error comes while I try & submit it
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Re: Hello from Calgary
Reply #2 - 12/11/11 at 21:52:33
odd,  works for me,  what does the error state?  you have to fill in the header and a message in the body area

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