TrailCafe: Trip Report entry part 1: type Selection and setup

Thank you for providing a trip report to Trail Cafe. By entering a report, you are giving Trail Cafe the right to publish this report. The Trail Cafe website reserves the rights to all data posted to the website, and may modify, or delete any postings that are not suitable.


This section of the trip entry form, determines the contents of the remaining entry forms.

Select the type of trip report this is Hike
Sea kayak
White Water kayak
Diving Trip
(Mtn) Biking
Cross Country Sking
Other trip, What type?:

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Will you be including pictures with your trip report? yes (max 100)
Will you be including a map with your trip report? yes
Will you be including a GPS file or files with your trip report?
(A track will be used to generate map, optionally we will geotag your photos and place on the generated map. Others will be able to download your tracks, POIs, and Waypoints you provide)