Trail Cafe: Trip report - walk part way around cochrane lake


Title: walk part way around cochrane lake
Trip type: hiking
Summary: A short walk in the fall. Bring your pants, as the parts of the trail that were flooded a few years back are now full of thistle
Author: M. Tanton
Country: CA
Province: alberta
County/City/national park/etc: MD of Rocky View
Location Route: Cochrane Lake
Distance: 2km
Directions to Set in or Trail head: from bridge in Cocrhane lake.

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Trail Description:

This is a short trail which kind of runs around Cochrane lake.

We walked down the asphalt lane, then west along the gravel road, and finally back down to the lake.

There is a bit of a "cut line" type path around the rest of the lake to the West end. However right now it is overgrown with thistle. The water when it was high killed trees right at the edge of the path. The ice then pushed them over. so it can use with some cleaning up, but is easily walk able by an able bodied person.

But my daughter was wearing shorts, and did not enjoy the thistle scratching her legs, so we turned back.



One of the critters that hang out in the area


A picture down one of the local's garden.


The foot bridge seen from behind the houses along the mowed grass area


part of the lake view when walking to the lake from the grass area


looking to towards the lake from the first foot bridge.


looking towards the 2nd foot bridge


heading through the trees - winter is coming... sigh.


The comunity has several garbage bins on the paved part of the trail


End of the ashpalt - from here you can take a gravel road back to phase II, or go West along the lake


gravel road (closed to vehicles) running West


smaller road (not closed) runs down to the lake.


cleaned up!

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