Last summer I finally got around to building a Canoe, somthing that I had wanted to do since I was around 12. Although I forgot that I wanted to do it for decade or so. The desire was re-awakened last year when I ended up on a Cedar Strip kayak site: Guillemot kayak site to be percise. Here I found some pictures of the most amazing art work, in the form of kayaks. I knew I wanted to build one.

I decided to build a Canoe instead first, part for practice, part because I thought it would be easier, and in part so that I could have one boat, that is usable by one or two people.

having completed the canoe project, just in time for winter (I got it breifly on the water, yes it floated) It was time for the kayak.

I had to decide which kayak to build, I bought the books Kayak craft by Ted Moores, Strip build Sea Kayak - by Nick Shade, The new Kayak Shop - by Chris Kulczyki. All great books.

In the end I decided to build a hybrid kayak, one with a plywood hull, and a cedar strip deck. Why this, well actually I decided to go with a full stitch and Glue (all plywood) and after buying the wood, and building the hull, I decided that a ceder strip deck was worth the time, just for the looks. I've since decided that the hybrid will produce the best end result. The hull should be stronger than a cedar strip hull, and the deck can look amazing when made as a cedarstrip.

What you will find here is a diary of my experince making the Stich and glue kayak. Some Tips on what I think would be a better way to do things, tips on what I found worked really well, and general misc kayak building information.

Just click on the portion of the diary that interestes you on the side bar (if you do not use frames then continue at the bottom of this page). I hope you find somthing of interest or help in this site. I enjoy any feed back, especially if you find somthing that is in error. (TODO: I no longer have private Email, when I do I'll add a link here)