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TRAIL CAFE: Online Trail resource


Trail Cafe is a (or hopes to be) an Internet resource dedicated to those, who hike, run, bike, paddle the trails of the world. The website is currently under construction. However it is now at a point it maybe of interest and use.

The Trail reports will have two basic components, one a summary, which will allow the reader to quickly assess the trail itself, and determine if it is an appropriate trip for someone of their skill level. The second part is the anecdotal trip report, describing the time out on the trail.

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Current Trail reports

To get to the library of trip reports, select the type of trail you are interested in from the top bar. This will take you to the region selection page.

New Trip Reports

The following is a link to the new trip reports entered for the year. Be warned however, the most recent entries may not have been verified as being valid trip reports, nor filtered for obscene content. If you find an entry that should be deleted, Please email me at the address provided at the bottom of the page.

Trip Entry screen

Trail Cafe now has a Trip entry section. this allows users to enter trip reports, it re-sizes pictures, and allows inclusion of the pictures in the trip report. It will also build a gallery of the pictures. The pictures are optionally annotated as the users sees fit.

Trail Cafe Forum

Trail Cafe Forum. Currently to help in collecting site design goals, providing updates on the sites design. We welcome input on making the site a better resource. There is the beginning of a set of forums that mirror the content on this site. Allowing a good way to communicate with others of the same interest, etc. Keep posts civil

I may be reached via E-mail at myrlinmungeatshawdotca, where the word 'munge' is removed, and the words at and dot are converted accordingly. Thank you. Myrl.

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