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This section of TrailCafe is the "sea kayaking" section. Sea kayaking is defined a bit differently at the TrailCafe than most places. The reason being that I live in Alberta Canada, as such, there are no Seas within hundreds of miles. So, sea kayaking means kayaking done in a sea kayak, which for me may be on rivers, lakes, and once in a while salt water.



Banff national park

I'm lucky enough to live near Banff national Park. You'll notice several trip paddeling on lake Miniwanka. Mini is one of the last bits of water in the area as everything else seems to freeze earlier.

  • Banff: Vermillion Lakes More of a trip up the creek from Banff to the first lake. A relaxing, but to short a paddle.
  • Miniwanka Dec 1, 2002: Banff National park, first launch of my home built kayak.
  • Miniwanka_II Nov 08, 2003: just some pictures on a beautiful day.
  • lake Miniwanka (III) 30 Nov 2003. Late Season Paddle in the Rocky Mountains of Banff Canada.

Kananaskis Area

Sometimes it is hard to justify driving to Banff, when Kananaskis is closer, and has fewer tourists. Espcially on days I forget my park pass.

  • Kananaskis river A short river paddle, around 1 hour from Calgary. My first time in a kayak on a river. For me Exciting stuff.
    Updated 2004: the run above the race course has had a few features added. I've put up a pictures a friend provided.
  • Upper Kananaskis Lake A short day paddle on Upper Kananaskis Lake. Also in the Rocky mountains. (Pics yet to be scanned)

Calgary vicinity

My home town.

  • Glenmore_Reservoir : (28-Nov-2008)A short late season pad dle on Glenmore Reservoir in side the city of Calgary. From the canoe club and up part of the Elbow River through Weasel Head Flats.

Central Alberta

South of Calgary

  • Southern Alberta: High Wood River Novice run from High River, to Hwy 547. This is a fairly small river, through cattle country. The banks however preclude any real views. Please note sections above and below this are more advanced.

British Columbia

BC has some very spectacular paddeling... Hope to get there more often.

Rest Of Canada

A place holder until each region is populated with enough posts to break out into it's own heading.

  • Rob's big river trip 2008 : (2008)The 2008 segment of Rob's trip Multi year trp from Saskatchewan crossing to (TBD). This segment is from borden Bridge Sask to Grand Rapids Manitoba


No Trips Seakayak trips entered for Mexico.



  • Black_Canyon_of_the_Colorado_river : (5-April-2008)Black Canyon of the Colorado River makes a great winter months get-away. It is an easy river paddle complete with warm springs, slot canyons, desert bighorn sheep, and abundant bird life. Do not mistake this trip for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colora do.^M The river is all flat water, a few swift areas may be encountered with higher dam releases. Water level fluculates constantly.^M


  • Flaming_gorge : (7-June-2008)Lake paddle throught the Flaming Gorge and Horseshoe canyon.
  • The_Storm_of_a_Millennium_ : (7-June-2008)Multi day 'sea' kayak trip on Lake Powell, with big storm.

    Notes and Disclaimer

    Ultimatly all paddlers must take full responsibility for their own safety. This means not paddeling in conditions beyond your ability, staying alert and scouting hazards, ensuring you have appropreate equipment and skill for the trip type, and conditions, etc.

    Reader input

    I hope to get others in the area to add trip reports for this site. In the future I will have a 'form' that may be filled in that would automatically generate the trip report. however that could take years. In the mean time, if you know HTML, then feel free to write up a trip report and send it in, I can unzip it with any pictures onto my site, and link it in. If interested, you can send it to me at . Alternately you can use the site Forum

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