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books I have in my 'old fashioned' library


Books worth reading on Canoeing and Kayak touring

Mark's Guide for Central Alberta Paddlers, by Mark Lund
Provides a good resource if you are taking up canoing in Alberta, This provides the best information on canoing between Jasper, Whitecourt, Red Deer, and Edmonton. No maps are provided, it does provide references as to which maps best suite each trip. I'll be kayaking from Saskatchewan Crossing in Japser National Park, to Edmonton. This is exactly the reference I needed for the trip. I'd be very happy if my site turned out to provide information like this book.

Mark has completed his Alberta guide, similar to the first book, but has more trips in it, spanning the province of Alberta as a whole. One improvement is the addition of maps. Also added are GPS coordinates for several feature on the river. Very recommeded for those that want to canoe on the rivers of alberta.

Path of the Paddle, by Bill Mason.
This is a book on 'how to drive a canoe'. It has a trip or two in it. Well worth reading if you are a novice canoer. For thouse of you who did not grow up in the 70's and 80's Bill produced several canoe documentaries. I beleive they can be found at the Canadian Film board.

Song of the Paddle, by Bill Mason.
This is on camping from a canoe, it has 10 or so favorite trips of Bill's in it.

Wild Waters, Canoeing North America's Wilderness Rivers, Edite d by James Raffan.
This is a collection of stories/diaries related to travelling on North American rivers, mostly by Canoe. different authors for each story. The title is a bit misleading, I kind of thought it was only on White Water, but it wild mostly meant to convey that it is about rivers without much human building disturbance.

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