Cross Country Skiing Trips


15 years since I last owned and used as set of Cross country skis A friend just gave me a pair, now it's time to take the sport back up again (2005).


Alberta, Canada

Calgary Area

  • Fish Creek Park Voltier's Flats Fish Creek is a large park inside Calgary. This is my first X-country trip in some time. Starting at Voltier's Flats and going South then West, and back.


Rest of Alberta

  • Cascade_trail : (17-Dec-2006) Fairly easy and seanic trail near lake Minnewanka. Over the closed road in, then up the fire road to Cascade River.
    • LocationArea: Banff National Park

Reader input

I've setup a 'trip entry' screen, I welcome other peoples related trips. Click "Add trip" in the menu bar to the left. Alternativly you can email me journals you would like to see put up on the web.

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