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This is a public repository of hiking trails. The accuracy on hikes is not guarenteed. I hope you enjoy the reports, and that it helps in you planning of any trips you choose to go one. Use at your own risk.

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Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada

Of the three national parks in the Alberta Rockies, Jasper is far in the lead for my favourite, it is much less commercialised, and visited than Banff.

  • Pocahontas: This is one of the most striking mountains as you enter Jasper National Park on Hwy 16 (Yellow Head Trail) from the East. We did not climb Pocahontas mountain it self, but rather the 'mountain' at its base. I did manage to get a couple of pictures.
  • Whistler: This Mountain is probably the most ascended mountain in Jasper. Not because it is a great hike, but because there is a gondola chair to the top. I think I have some pictures from the second time I went up.
  • Geraldine Lakes: This is probably one of my favourite day hikes. Enough so that I did it twice.
  • Edit Cavel Meadows: This is another reasonable hike, The scenery is ok getting up even if it does not change much. once at the top it is pretty spectacular.
  • The Rock Wall: Hey, a real hike (well more like a real long walk) you spend 3 days walking walking along a cliff face. given the chance I think I would do this hike a bit differently than they way we did it.
  • The Athabaska Falls: Not a hike, but well worth pulling off the Hwy to see. I have some pictures.

Banff, Alberta Canada

  • Cory Pass: This is another hike not to far from the Banff town site, it is a good day hike for someone staying in town-site. It is in my opinion an excellent hike. Unfortunately, the pictures did not work, this hike is on the top of my list for next summer. Update: feedback from another hiker added. (miss named mountains changed (opps))
  • Tunnel Mountain: This is a super short hike, the trail head is in the Banff town site. You get views of the town site of Banff, the Banff Hot springs and the Banff golf course.
  • Banff Springs Historical site: This the part of Banff park that started the first national park in canada. It is not a hike, but if you are in Banff with an hour or so do something, it may be worth checking out.
  • Boom lake :(summer 99) This is a very easy 'walk in the park', to one of the many nice lakes in the parks. If you have children, you might consider taking them on this 'hike'.
  • Rockbound Lake: (21-Aug-2009)From the information board at the trail head: Cradled in the high amphitheater behind Castle Mtn., Rockbound lake is totally surrounded by cliffs, rock slides and massive boulder fields. It is also one of the largest of the Bow Valley's high lakes. The trial climbs steadily Castle Mtn. and Helena Ridge. the track levels out in to lush wildflower meadows leading to tiny Tower Lake beneath Castle Mountain's southeast tower. The final 500m of trail climbs through a cliff band to Rockbound lake's boulder-strewn shore. The trail to Tower Lake is popular with ntermediate cross-country skiiers in winter.
  • Temple Moutain : Aug 02 This is a fantastic hike from Moraine Lake, through Larch valley, to the apex of Sentinel pass, Followed by a scramble up Mt. Temple, the 4th highest peak in the southern Rocky Mountain range.
  • Castle Mountain - Fire Lookout: Aug 02: This is a short, and easy hike (although somewhat steep). at the end is a lookout over the bow Valley, where the ____ valley meets it.
  • Lake Louise - Big Beehive, Lake Agnus Oct 04: A well known, and well travelled hike. The colours are a changing given the time of year got some ok pictures on this one. (includes pics of Moraine lake)
  • Moraine Lake - and Larch Valley A fairly easy to slightly moderate hike. Lots of colour in the fall. This report has mostly pictures.

Banff, Alberta Canada

Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

  • pics GPS Burstall_Pass_with_Kids.html: (21-May-2016)A hike starts through the trees, passes through a upper alluvial plane, past glaciers, and then to just above the tree line (or at least almost) to a final lookout over the Spray river valley as you crest Burstall pass over the Spray Mountains.
  • Two O'clock Creek: This is my first real hike way back in the murky depths of time No pictures on this one.
  • h Grotto Canyon: This hike just outside of Canmore is a good day hike for the new hikers out there, it is a bit different from the hikes I normally go on, it is up a canon, it has a small water fall, Indian pictures, and a cave in a Hoodo.
  • Praire Mountain. A short half day hike, amongst the Pine trees, views of Elbow river and surrounding foothills/Mtns.
  • Lady Macdonald This hike is a bit of a grind up to a tea house (foundation only) over looking Canmore Alberta, from the teahouse there is a scramble to the top of the peak.
  • Mt. Warspite This is a good day hike with a great upper valley. From the upper vally you can scramble to the ridge between Warspite, and the Black Prince. (probably to the top of warspite)
  • French Creek: A unofficial trial hike, just the way I like them.... pictures forth comming.
  • Highwood pass: A 75km bike ride, if you time it right you can do this without cars.

British Columbia, Canada

  • The Lion Heads: Lots of people on this hike... but it is still worth it.
  • The Chief: This is a short and sweet hike just outside Whistler. (Pictures only)
  • Brewer Creek: Well, did not make it on this hike... a bit of an adventure getting to the trail head. No pics.
  • Stanley Glacier (Aug 2009) Hike through an old burned pine/spruce forest, followed by an upper box canyon, with stream, waterfall, and some high altitude critters

Rest Of Canada

  • Sunblood_Mountain : (31-Aug-2006) A Hike done as part of the Nahanni canoe trip, located opos ite the river from the campsite, looking down on the river, and the Virgina Falls.
    • Province: NWT
    • LocationArea: Nahanni National Park
  • Nahanni_Day_9_-_hike_up_side_of_Lafferty_creek : (9-Dec-2006) A day off canoeing down the Nahanni, with a short scramble up the side of the canyon wall, to a triple arch, and then to the mouth of a cave.

United States of America

  • The Half Dome: This is probably the premo hike in the park, it is the reason we went there, it is a very solid day hike, Once this mountain was considered un climbable, now there is a pretty wicked climb up a 'latter'. Lots of people on this hike. It is my first hiking trip in the states.
  • Yosemite falls We were told that this is the second best hike in the park, and it is a good one. (pics only, write is lost)

Rest Of The world

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